squam love

Another September come and gone but not without a trip to Squam.  Oh how I love it there!  This was my second year attending and even though I didn’t think it was possible it was even more amazing than last year.

I always intend to bring my camera everywhere and take lots of photos but it never happens. I took a few but mostly I was so busy talking and laughing and doing that pics never got snapped.  However I did take a bunch with my phone so if you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen those (if you don’t follow me on Instagram but you want to you can find me at @alisontauber)

I took a class called Dream Skirt taught by Cal Patch.  And yes, I made a skirt! With pockets!!!  It was so inspiring and exciting and not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I’ve always wanted to make my own clothing but it’s always seemed too difficult and not something I could possibly do with my rudimentary sewing skills.  Wrong, wrong, wrong! It’s not hard at all and now I have sewing confidence that I never thought I’d have.  Cal is the best teacher, so patient and funny and easy-going (full disclosure, she is also a friend for years so if I sound extra-gushy about her it’s because I know what a cool chick she is outside of the classroom).

But classes aside, SAW is about so much more.  It’s meeting people and talking and sharing and listening and learning.  Imagine what it’s like to be with a big group of people who all “get” you.  Like, really get you.  That’s Squam. I promise.

early spring

This little collection of prints was featured on Rachel Taylor’s blog the other day.  Thanks so much!

All of these patterns are available on fabric from my Spoonflower shop and a few are available in my Society6 shop as well.

free shipping!!!

Thinking about getting something from my Society6 shop? Now is the time to do it!  Free shipping thru August 12th.

Just click here and the promo code will be applied.  Happy shopping :)

* offer excludes stretched canvases and framed prints*

zoe darlington lamps

If these lamps wanted to come live in my home that would make me very happy.

blue tulips

A new pattern, sweet watercolor tulips.

i forgot to mention

It occurred to me after I posted here yesterday about my new print and it being available in my Society6 shop that I never mentioned that I have a Society6 shop!  Silly girl…

So, to fix that – I recently opened a shop on Society6 selling a few of my prints as either art prints, iphone cases, laptop skins, cards, stretched canvases… well, there’s quite a few options really, have a look for  yourself right here.

betty birds

A new print I’ve been working on the last few days.  You can find it in my Society6 shop as well.

new fabrics!!!

I’ve got a whole bunch of new fabrics available over at Spoonflower! Pics of a few below but you can see all of them here.

art deco dust jackets

Doing some research for an upcoming project I came across these books from the early 1930s published by Mystery League, Inc.  Apparently many of the books make for a pretty awful read – ridiculous plot twists, over the top nefarious villains, etc. but that’s not what I was looking for anyway. What struck me about these books is their dust jackets. Great examples of simple, art deco design.  Each cover is generally only one color plus black, white and gray.  Illustrated by a man named Gene, you can see his signature on almost all the covers.

I had a hard time finding more information about these books and about Gene but you can read a pretty good article here.

a card for mother’s day

I’ve just added this sweet little card to my gallery on Pingg.  You can get it right here.